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“My garden was a mess. I used Herb Doctor and it worked right away! I could actually see my plants drinking it up, it made a huge difference. Thanks for saving my grow!” - Len M.

“I've had grey mold problems for as long as I've been gardening. I started using Herb Doctor because my mold problems were getting worse, my last harvest (before Herb Doctor) was almost wiped out by mold! All I can say is, it works! What a difference, my garden has stayed mold free, and my plants love this stuff. I am amazed at how big and healthy my flowers look. My first harvest after finding Herb Doctor was mold free, I use it all the time now. Thank you so much, I was so frustrated by mold, I was ready to give up!” - Leo M.

“Hi Guys - I just want to say one thing about your product “Amazing”! I have been doing hydro for about 10 years now and only used Advance Nutrients full line, and I have never seen results like this before. I tested this product for ten day in my organic garden and my plants on average shot up about 1.5 ft in that little time - and all the plants are a healthy green - Thanks Herb Doctor for an amazing product! By the way no mites is a major benefit of using this product! Great Job!” - Jim - Encinitas, CA

“Another Great Product! I have just tried your new nitro spray. I had a couple of plants that had nitrogen deficiencies on some of the leafs and they were turning completely yellow – I sprayed the yellow fan leafs and to my surprise they started getting little green sports on the leafs, and in about 15 minutes they had turned a healthy green and were starting to stand up and reaching for the lights – thanks again for another amazing product!” - Jim N. - Encinitas, CA

“I went the show in San Francisco. I was given a sample of the Herbdoctor wash, so I tried it on the white powder all over my leafs of my plant. And I can't believe how wonderful it works. It's the best! My plants are doing well without any white powder on them. I only treated them once and I'm amazed how good my plants look. Great product! Thank you”. - Yvonne G.