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Plant Wash for Plant Problems

Leo | July 19th, 2012

How to use herb doctor plant wash on mold and mites infographic

Follow these simple steps to wash your garden’s problems away

Got plant problems? Herb Doctor can help! To wash these pesky problems away, simply spray affected plants, and be sure to get under the leaves. Herb Doctor has an immediate effect on plant problems, and plants love it! Herb Doctor has no effect on taste, and breaks down completely into nutrients after application.

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When to apply Herb Doctor Plant Wash

The best time of day to apply Herb Doctor depends on humidity and temperature. In dry climates, apply after sundown. The pores on most plant’s leaves are closed during the day (to preserve moisture) and open at night. Herb Doctor’s restructured water will be rapidly absorbed by the plant. The rapid hydration benefit provided by Herb Doctor causes plants to “green up” quickly.

In moist, cool climates, it is best to apply Herb Doctor early in the morning. The best time is just before the sun comes up. Early morning application gives your plants the hydration benefit of Herb Doctor’s restructured water. The sunlight then helps the plant dry off, which is important for preventing fungus from re-establishing on your plats.

How often to use Herb Doctor Plant Wash

The first application of Herb Doctor will destroy the plant problems on your plants. Be sure to spray thoroughly. The best way to deal with mites and mold is to prevent them from infesting your garden. Use Herb Doctor as a preventative measure by applying every 2 – 3 days. If you have persistent plant problems, you can spray daily.

Post Treatment Instructions

Once you have treated your plants, remove mold damaged plant materials. After treatment, mold spores on your plant are completely inactivated, so there is no risk of spreading problems. You can use a concentrated spray of Herb Doctor to wash them off.

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