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Plant Health Urgent Care Treatment

Leo | July 31st, 2012

How to use Herb Doctor for plant health Urgent Care

Got sick plants? Herb Doctor Urgent Care is FAST medicine!

Plants become weakened and sick when they are infested with plant health problems. To restore an infested plant to good health, you must do more than get rid of the pests; you have to restore your plant’s health. Herb Doctor plant wash is used to provide urgent health care for plants that have become weakened due to infestations or unsanitary conditions.

How Herb Doctor Urgent Care restores plant health

Many plant health problems are hygiene related. Mold and mildew thrives in unsanitary conditions, and bugs do as well. Herb Doctor washes plant problems away, and then hydrates the plant to restore its health rapidly.

Healthy, well hydrated plants have a natural defense against plant problems. The cuticle is a waxy layer on the surface of leaves that acts as a natural barrier to dehydration and plant problems. When plants are healthy, their leaves look shiny because of the cuticle layer. Herb Doctor’s ultra-hydrating formula is rapidly absorbed by leaves, which allows them to quickly build up their cuticle barrier.

By hydrating the plant, and bolstering the cuticle layer on the leaves, the plant’s own, natural defenses against invaders are restored.

Warning: Emulsifiers can compromise plant health!

Many products used to treat plant problems contain emulsifiers, which break down the cuticle barrier. The most popular emulsifier used is soap. Herb Doctor recommends against using products that contain soap (or any emulsifier).

Emulsifiers strip the cuticle layer off of a plant’s leaves. This strips a plant of its defenses against dehydration, infestations, and other plant problems. Emulsifiers can also cause plants to have a soapy taste. Just like soap can leave your skin feeling dry and unhealthy, it can also leave your plants feeling dry and unhealthy!

How to use Herb Doctor for Plant Urgent Care

If your plants are sick, you must act right away. In the evening, spray the entire plant, and make sure to get under the leaves as well! Wait for the plant to completely absorb Herb Doctor, and then remove any plant material that is dead, or badly damaged. Re-apply Herb Doctor after removing dead/damaged leaves to sanitize the plant; this is done to reduce the chance of re-infection.

Leaves that can be healed will green up when sprayed with Herb Doctor. If a leaf doesn’t green up when sprayed it is too badly damaged to be saved. If the entire plant fails to green up, then it has a nutrient deficiency.

With regular use, Herb Doctor can help prevent plant problems by improving plant hygiene and bolstering the plant’s natural defense. Herb Doctor is a zero-residue treatment that can be used up to the day of harvest; it does not affect the taste or texture of produce.

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