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How to Water Plants for Maximum Yield

Leo | August 7th, 2012

Most gardeners know that they should avoid over- or under-watering their plants. But how can you tell how much water plants need? The amount of water needed by a plant is affected by factors such as soil (or grow medium) type, humidity, and the type of plant. The best way to find out how much water is the “right” amount of water is to watch your plant’s leaves between waterings. Water your plants when the leaves start to droop.

How Plants tell you when they’re thirsty

under watered plant image

This plant is dehydrated!

When a plant becomes thirsty, its leaves will droop. For maximum yield, it is a good idea to let a plant get thirsty before watering it. When the soil has low moisture content, roots are “challenged” to find new sources of water, as a result they grow! Make sure you don’t let the plant dry out until leaves shrivel, that’s too much!

How much water is needed to water plants

When you water plants, when water begins to seep out of the bottom of the pot, that’s enough. For plants in the ground, it’s a little harder to determine, but your best bet is to stop watering when the topsoil is thoroughly saturated.

If you’re still not sure how much to water your plants, plan to under-water  a little, and see how soon the leaves begin to droop.  Beware of over-watering; it makes plant leaves droop too! The best ways to avoid this is to intentionally under-water, and see how long the plant goes before it needs more water.

Why you MUST balance the pH of the water used to water plants

Most plants prefer a slightly acidic soil, when the pH of the soil gets too high, nutrient lockout occurs. Plants in this state will be weak, prone to infections, and will fail to respond to fertilizer treatments. Because of nutrient lockout, make sure you water plants using water with the right pH.

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Properly watered plant image

Healthy plant, has enough water for now

water ionizer image

A home water ionizer can adjust the pH of water

For best results with most plants, use water with a pH of around 6.5. When plants are flowering, water with a pH of 6 is recommended. A home water ionizer is the best way to make pH balanced water for watering plants. These machines concentrate acidic minerals (which plants need) in a pH balanced ionized water solution which is ideal for boosting growth.

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