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Benefits of Foliar Feeding for Plant Nutrition

Leo | August 1st, 2012

Benefits of foliar feeding for maximum yield infographic

Foliar feeding can significantly boost your yield

Plants absorb nutrients and moisture through the leaves as well as through the roots. What few people know is that foliar feeding – feeding plants through their leaves – is actually a more efficient way of fertilizing plants! Foliar feeding generates a lot less runoff than traditional fertilizers too.

How Foliar Feeding Works

Foliar nutrients are sprayed onto plants either by hand or through an irrigation system. Plants absorb the water and nutrients directly, so it is important to use bio-available nutrients for foliar feeding.  To feed a plant, spray on top of and underneath the leaves. Plants may actually be able to absorb more water and nutrients under their leaves than on top of them.

Any nutrient that can be fed to the roots can be foliar fed. However, teas and other fertilizers that contain live bacteria should not be foliar fed. Bacterial activity on the leaves can result in mold or mildew infesting a plant.

Fertigation – Regular foliar feeding for maximum yield

Growers who have tried foliar feeding have discovered that regular foliar feeding significantly increases their yield. The regular use of foliar feeding to increase yield is called Fertigation. To fertigate a garden, nutrients are applied by foliar feeding once per day. Fertigation is not meant to replace root-fed fertilizing, rather, it is meant to augment it.

Herb Doctor products designed for foliar feeding

Herb doctor products are great for treating sick plants, and preventing plant health problems. Used regularly, Herb Doctor is also great for foliar feeding. Use Herb Doctor to help break through nutrient lockouts and deliver nutrients directly to plants that have nutrient lockout problems.

The best time to apply Herb Doctor in dry environments is at night; in humid environments apply in the early morning. By using a combination of root feeding and foliar feeding, you will maximize the growth potential of any plant.

If you have serious nutrient deficiencies, or other plant problems. Follow Herb Doctor Urgent Care instructions

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