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About Herb Doctor

We created Herb Doctor to provide gardeners and growers everywhere an economical, safe, natural, and effective alternative to chemical plant treatments.


Consider using Herb Doctor as an alternative to harsh chemical treatments that can harm your plants and the environment. Plants don’t need chemicals, but they do need water!


Our Mission Statement


Our mission at Herb Doctor is to provide innovative and effective plant treatments that are ecologically responsible. We are deeply concerned about the effects of chemical products in the environment, and are committed to offering green alternatives that work better than the harmful chemicals they replace.


Herb Doctor is an environmentally conscious company focused on optimizing the health, vitality, and yield of plants without harming the environment.  


Our Guarantee to You


Herb Doctor products are developed by working with growers, gardeners, and horticulturalists just like you. When used as directed, Herb Doctor products will help you optimize your yield, and make life tough on pests. Within 30 days of purchase, if you are not satisfied with our product, simply return it, no questions asked.


Meet our Research and Development Team Leader, Leo McDevitt

Leo is committed to finding a better way to care for plants. Leo’s guarantee to you is:

“I will test each Herb Doctor product personally, on my own garden. If it doesn’t meet my expectations, I won’t sell it to you.”


Upcoming/Recent Events


Come Visit us! At the Maximum Yield Grow Like a Pro 9th Annual Indoor Gardening Expo


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San Francisco Expo: July 21 – 22, 2012 | Booth #546
Learn about the methods and products that professional growers use to get maximum yield at the Grow Like a Pro 9th Annual Indoor Gardening Expo


Long Beach Expo: November 3 – 4, 2012 | Booth #712-714
Final stop on the Grow like a Pro expo tour will be a be a combination Indoor Gardening and Hydrolife Expo featuring leading experts from the hydro, snow, surf, skate and bike industries.


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