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16oz. Herb Doctor Bottle
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The Doctor Is In, Your Plant Problems are OUT!

Why wash your plants with Herb Doctor?

Herb Doctor™ is the hydrolyzed plant wash that your plants will love! Use Herb Doctor to help revive weakened plants that lack vigor due to plant problems like nutrient deficiencies and poor hydration. Herb Doctor boosts yield with the added benefit of foliar-fed restructured potassium. The Advantage of Herb Doctor Restructured Nutrients for Foliar Feeding Traditional foliar sprays often leave spots on the leaves of a plant that cause nutrient burns. This is because the nutrients in them “ stick ” to the leaf surface. Herb Doctor’s proprietary hydrolyzation process restructures nutrients so they don't stick to leaf surfaces. Hydrolyzed water also hydrates plants better than regular water; your plants will love it!


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